Cheryl Boggs Savage, C.P.A.
Reliable Professional Solutions

Our Firm

Firm History and Philosophy

Based out of Houston, Texas, Cheryl Savage formed the firm in mid 2010 to provide client-centered, optimally valued accounting services.  She and her associates believe that there has been a growing movement toward less efficacy in the accounting consulting industry which has created an accounting services value gap that she and her associates have the ability to fulfill for their clients – significantly increasing their clients’ return on contracted accounting consulting services invested dollars and making the engagements she and her firm undertake a true win for all involved.      

Firm Mission

To offer competent, reliable, and value-added professional services, and to assist our clients in the optimization of their resources.  We will not resort to the denigration or criticism of our clients’ systems or staff in any attempt to justify our services.  Our professionalism, expertise and work ethic suffice as our justification.

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